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technology for high demanding markets

such as laser industry, photonic industry and quantum technology.


Managing Team



Phillip Dittmann

Founder & Managing Partner

Phillip Dittmann has more than 12 years experience in the international photonic market due to his work at Fraunhofer ILT and AMPHOS GmbH. During his work at AMPHOS, Phillip led heterogenous r&d, production and service teams and has deep-technical know-how in the fields of ultra-short-pulse laser technology, high-vacuum solder techniques, mechanical design and optics.




PHOTONICPARTS_Dr. Jan Dolkemeyer


Dr. Jan Dolkemeyer

Founder & Managing Partner

As a scientific assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, Dr. Jan Dolkemeyer developed fundamental soldering techniques for sensitive electro-optical components in the field of laser technology. These soldering techniques are an essential core know-how of AMPHOS GmbH, of which he was a co-founder in 2011. AMPHOS GmbH produces high-power ultrafast lasers for material processing. Dr. Jan Dolkemeyer served as managing director overseeing production and development until the end of 2022. In 2018, AMPHOS GmbH has been acquired by the Trumpf Group.


About us

PHOTONICPARTS has been founded as a brand of XCCES GmbH by Dr. Jan Dolkemeyer and Phillip Dittmann in August 2023. The company works in the field of joining and assembly technologies and production of laser components mainly for the photonic market. Beside laser technology itself, the core know-how of PHOTONICPARTS lies in the production of homogeneous large-area solder joints for any materials or material pairings. The focus is usually on the customer's requirement for a thermally stable and robust solder joint with the lowest thermal and electrical resistance between two or more joining partners. Major fields of application are the packaging, adjustment and thermal management of laser crystals, optics and fibre optics in the markets of laser technology, aerospace and quantum technologies.



PHOTONICPARTS is located in ITS (International Technology and Service Center) in Baesweiler (Germany)



Arnold-Sommerfeld-Ring 2

52499 Baesweiler




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